• This service supports ALL the Ford Models listed here     >>   
  • It will also work on any Ford/Visteon based Radio which has a 7 digit serial number starting with M or O (Serials starting with V are NOT currently supported)
  • Your code will be given during the call in under 2 minutes   

Before you call, you will need know the last 6 digits of your radio serial number. You can find your serial number on the back of your radio. (It's usually the number starting with M or O)

Now Call
0906 407 2374

(Choose Ford Visteon as radio Model, option 4)


You will be given 1 unlock code during the call, use buttons 1 to 4 on your radio to enter your code, when you're done, press button 5 to enter the code, if you need further help, please call our support line

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